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Onslow Radiation Oncology

Sheila Blue

Kindness is the best medicine.

survivor_portrait_BlueSheila Blue’s advice to women is simple: “Don’t wait till you get about dead before you go to the doctor. Learn to examine yourself.” Fortunately, Mrs. Blue, 63, practiced what she preached. When she found a lump on her breast, she went to see her doctor.

In January 2011 she found a lump “that felt like a small garden pea.” The next month she had a mammogram, and in April she ended up at a local surgeon’s office to hear that she had cancer. Despite the news, she remained positive – something that puzzled her surgeon.

“If you walk with God in the sunshine, he’ll walk with you in the rain,” Mrs. Blue said. “I asked the surgeon, ‘Do you know God? Do you pray?’ He said, ‘Yes,’ and I said, ‘Then you’re my man.’”

June through October, she went for chemotherapy twice a month before starting radiation in October at Onslow Radiation Oncology. Mrs. Blue, who lives between Jacksonville and Richlands, says having this facility near home was not only convenient but pleasant.

“The staff was so nice. I appreciate the kindness, caring, and concern that they had not just for me but for everybody. Kindness is the best medicine,” Mrs. Blue said.

Mrs. Blue has been a foster mother for over 30 years and has spent her life caring for children, the elderly and her family. In fact, throughout her treatments, Mrs. Blue was also caring for her elderly mother, who was in declining health. “I asked God to take care of me so that I could go through this with ease. And I asked God to leave her here with me long enough to be with me through my treatments.”

Mrs. Blue’s last radiation appointment was January 13. “I went to visit my mother in the hospital, and she asked if I was finished. I said, ‘Yes, ma’am.’ And then she took a turn for the worse the next day, and on January 16 she died at the age of 82.”

Mrs. Blue attributes her successful battle with cancer to God’s provision. “You have to put God first. He had my back. And that’s why I had a positive attitude. You have to have a positive attitude!” she said.

Photo courtesy of: John Althouse; The Daily News

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