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Onslow Radiation Oncology


A True Team Effort

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to receive a cancer diagnosis, let alone two in the course of one week. But that was Rosalyn’s reality.

Rosalyn started getting mammograms the year she was old enough to have one. She had no family history of breast cancer, so it was quite a surprise for her to receive a breast cancer diagnosis mere days after finding out she also had throat cancer.

Upon receiving this staggering diagnosis, Rosalyn thought, like some do, that her best option for treatment was the larger hospitals nearby.

“When I was first diagnosed I said I was going to go Chapel Hill or Duke or someplace like that where everybody knows that they’re supposed to be the best. But the team of doctors that I had met here, kept me here.”

From the moment she started treatment at Onslow Radiation Oncology, it was clear to Rosalyn that beating these cancers was going to be a team effort. And the Onslow Radiation Oncology team was ready.

But beyond her team of dedicated doctors, Rosalyn had another exceptional team by her side day in, and day out.

Nurses, radiation therapists, receptionists, and beyond—in Rosalyn’s own words, every person at Onslow Radiation Oncology was “second to none.” If Rosalyn was having a bad day, her team would detect that and comfort her. When it was time to undergo a particularly tough day of treatment, there was always hand to hold. And when Rosalyn’s own family came in to visit her, they were treated as just that—family.

Over the course of a year, Rosalyn received treatment and forged many friendships. And looking back, she recalls great memories, difficult days, and distinct moments of triumph.

“I can remember one day just really breaking down and crying and those ladies saying, well, we can do this another day. And I was like no; we’re going to finish this today because I didn’t want another day added to the end. I had a date, and that’s the only day I wanted. And when I rang that bell, it was awesome—and I got to ring it twice because of the two cancers. Each time was better than the last.”

These days, Rosalyn visits her Onslow Radiation Oncology family every three months for follow-up CTs and PETs. And looking back on all she’s been through, Rosalyn has some sage advice for her fellow women, “don’t put off going to the doctor for any reason —mammograms, pap smears, the flu, any of that. Start putting yourself first.”

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