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Onslow Radiation Oncology

Johanna Phelps

Knowledge Is Power

When Johanna first felt a lump in her breast, it was the size of a top of a pencil.

It never crossed her mind that it could be cancer—it was nothing remarkable and she didn’t feel sick. She figured it was a little something that might need taken care of. From that first discovery, Johanna took the only next steps she knew. She visited her doctor, who sent her in for a mammogram, and a month later, she underwent a lumpectomy. The next day, Johanna received a call—it was cancer.

Three years prior, one of Johanna’s dear friends received a breast cancer diagnosis of her own. So, when Johanna was posed with the question of where to receive treatment, she was reminded of her friend’s decision to receive all of her treatment at Onslow Radiation Oncology. From what Johanna could see, it was a wonderful experience for her friend—so Johanna followed suit.

I stayed here for all of my treatment, and I’m thrilled with that decision,” she said. “I wanted to be here. I wanted to be close to home. I didn’t want to drive for 3 hours or feel like the care I needed was so far away So, I thought, you’ve got to give them the opportunity, and so I did. And from the moment, the moment I was told I had cancer, I felt like everybody—all the doctors, everybody along the way stopped everything and made me feel important.”

Johanna’s decision to stay at Onslow Radiation Oncology felt right from the very beginningit just “fit”. She fondly recalls a treatment team that felt more like a support team, and how quickly they started to feel like family. Whether she needed a cheerleader for encouragement or someone to tell her “suck it up buttercup”, the Onslow Radiation Oncology team provided Johanna with exactly what she needed, even when she wasn’t sure of what that was herself.

I always felt like I was in great hands. I knew that my outcome would be positive, because how could it not be when I had such wonderful people surrounding me and taking such good care of me?”

These days, Johanna is happy, healthy, and eager to share some insight from her experience with women putting off their mammograms. Just go. It’s the easiest thing that you can do to protect yourself. And knowledge is power—the more you know, the more you have the opportunity to win. So, why not?”

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